About us

ARM Consulting

Afghanistan Australian Research and Management Consulting (ARM Consulting) is a management consulting firm with a valid business registration license from the Afghanistan Ministry of Commerce and Trade.

ARM Consulting adopts a client-as-partner approach and leverages an intensive focus on customer satisfaction and competencies in delivering individualized services. Each assignment is executed according to five essentials: Accuracy, Quality Excellence, Timeliness, Professionalism, and Exceeding Customer Satisfaction. ARM Consulting’s work is grounded in an “Assist and Delight” strategy, supported by four key drivers; People, Processes, Innovation, and Results.

A Message From Executive Director

At ARM Consulting, we aim to build a better Afghanistan through evidence-based solutions, innovative capacity development interventions, and tailored strategic communication and outsourcing services. At the heart of our work is our clients – the more than 30 national and international development partners from diverse sectors that we have served since 2015. We are grateful to them for trusting us with the opportunities to serve them to improve development work in Afghanistan and other underdeveloped and developing countries.

Since our humble beginning in 2015, ARM Consulting has grown to become one of Afghanistan’s leading research and management consulting firms, implementing over 100 projects for more than 30 national and international development agencies. This accomplishment could only have been possible due to the creative and hard work of more than 500 young women and men who make up our human resources. They worked day and night to ensure the highest possible satisfaction for our clients.

Zia Wahaj (Executive Director – ARM Consulting)

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