Our Locations

Global Presence

The managing team at ARM Consulting has consulted clients and partners in Afghanistan, Australia, China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, UAE, and Turkey. This has given us a unique capacity to implement projects in diverse contexts with utmost adherence to each country’s socio-cultural and economic ground realities.

Local Presence

ARM Consulting’s current contract landscape in Afghanistan is characterized by the need to respond quickly and accurately to short-notice service demands. As a result, it has developed a rapid response capability that allows us to meet the needs of different assignments, supported by a tiered approach to building on an initially deployed capability as often rapidly changing and uncertain environments – and indeed requirements – mature over time.

ARM Consulting’s in-country management operates out of Kabul and is further supported by the Presence of staff at the community, district, and provincial levels across the country. To support clients, ARM Consulting uses its existing infrastructure in Afghanistan and adds to it as needed. Thanks to our ongoing contracts in Afghanistan, we have a solid provincial presence at the sub-national level.