Data Collection Services

Data Collection Services

Project Title: Data Collection Services
  Client Name: UNHCR
Project Description: ARM Consulting has conducted Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) and other types of data collection regarding its Cash-based interventions in Afghanistan. UNHCR is mandated to lead and coordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve their problems worldwide. UNHCR has implemented cash-based interventions for several years for various purposes, including voluntary repatriation, basic needs, community-based protection, and livelihoods, among others, in Afghanistan.

The surveys will help to accomplish the following objectives:

1.    How are UNHCR’s cash-based interventions delivered, and what are recipients’ experiences regarding different aspects of the program, including access to cash transfer, distribution efficiency, safe access to markets, and communication preferences, among others?

2.    To what extent is the cash assistance provided to the target groups meet their most pressing needs, and if (any) remain unaddressed, what coping mechanisms do they use to respond to the shortfalls?

3.    To what degree the cash-based interventions have contributed (if any) to the program outcomes

4.    What measures can be taken to achieve the required outcomes?

Project Duration: 1 year Project Location: 34 provinces of Afghanistan
Project Start Date: January 2022 Project End Date: Ongoing


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