Post-Patient, Post-Return, and Post-Distribution Monitoring Services

Post-Patient, Post-Return, and Post-Distribution Monitoring Services

Project Title: Post-Patient, Post-Return, and Post-Distribution Monitoring Services
Client Name: IOM
Project Description: Since 2002, more than six million Afghans have returned to their country of origin. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) each year supports tens of thousands of undocumented Afghan returnees from Pakistan and Iran.

The majority of those who have returned since 2016 returned in extraordinarily difficult circumstances, facing an uncertain future in a context of rising insecurity, surging conflict-induced internal displacement, continued economic contraction, and the increasingly limited reach of humanitarian and development actors to aid and opportunities in areas of origin or intended settlement.

Monitoring returns to ensure evidence-based programming and baseline data collection has not proven easy, especially given the insecure context and shrinking humanitarian space. Furthermore, the returnee population is becoming increasingly mobile due to conflict and economic insecurity. To assess returnees’ situation and collect real-time data, IOM, together with UNHCR, has created a new system of returnee monitoring relying on mobile phone surveys to track and monitor returnees who have valid Afghan phone numbers. The new approach will assist IOM in collecting real-time data on population mobility/dynamics, protection risks, reintegration progress, and overall coping mechanisms in their return areas which are integrated and harmonized with UNHCR’s returnee monitoring for ease of reporting and analysis.

ARM Consulting is currently implementing a 3-year data collection project for IOM through the help of phone-based interviews. The project involves data collection via phone across the 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

Project Duration: 2 years Project Location: 34 provinces of Afghanistan
Project Start Date: January 2020 Project End Date: Ongoing

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